Ashtanga Shala Rotterdam

Ashtanga Shala Rotterdam

Daily beginners friendly yoga classes.
Individually taught in a group.
Regular practice purifies mind,
body and nervous system.

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Workshop

Date: 15.10.2022
Time: 9.00-11.00h
Price: € 30,-

This workshop is created to welcome new students. If you have never practiced yoga before this is made for you. If you did some practice before and you would like some orientation, this is for you.

 In the workshop there will be an introductory talk about Ashtanga Yoga. And you will learn how to explore basic principals of the practice. Breathe, posture and focus.

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About Us

ASR is a school based in Rotterdam Center, dedicated to teaching tradicional Ashtanga Yoga. Everyone can practice it. Ashtanga Yoga is a movement meditation practice based on synchronization of breath, movement and gaze. It purifies mind, body and nervous system. Consistant sustained practice leads to deeper levels of consciousness.Each student is taught individually according to their needs in a mysore-style class. Mysore class is a private class in a group setting. All of our teachers are dedicated longterm Ashtanga Yoga practitioners.