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ashtanga yoga
Welcome new students! 
You will receive personalized teaching and step by step instructions. 
During this time you will be able to get familiar with Ashtanga yoga method and it’s positive effects. 
If you never practiced yoga before this course is made for you.
If you did some practice already and would like more guidance, this course is made for you.
Duration: 2 weeks
Content: 2 workshops + unlimited classes 
Price: €85,-
The course starts with Introduction to ashtanga yoga workshop on Sunday March 3 at 11.00 – 12.15h.
In the middle of the course there is a second workshop where we work with our experience of the first week of practice. This workshop is called Building foundations and is scheduled on Sunday March 10 at 11.00 -12.15h
At the same time all students of this beginners course are invited to join as many or our regular classes as you like, unlimited classes are included in the course.
We hope to see you then☺️

About Us

AYR is a school based in Rotterdam Center, dedicated to teaching tradicional Ashtanga Yoga. Everyone can practice it.
Ashtanga Yoga is a movement meditation practice based on synchronization of breath, movement and gaze.
It purifies mind, body and nervous system. Consistant sustained practice leads to deeper levels of consciousness.

Each student is taught individually according to their needs in a mysore-style class. Mysore class is a private class in a group setting. All of our teachers are dedicated longterm Ashtanga Yoga practitioners.