Ashtanga Yoga Rotterdam


Every Tuesday: 20.00 – 21.30h

About this class

Kundalini Yoga is an active form of Hatha yoga. Dynamic body exercises are combined with various breathing techniques. Breathing takes a central place, connecting body energy and vitality.

The beauty of Kundalini Yoga lies in the direct experience that one has in their practice. What you experience goes directly to the heart. The practice will encourage you to experience the harmony in yourself and in your surroundings, finding a balance between body and mind.

This creates a sense of calm, a cheerful mood and energetic feeling. Kundalini Yoga gives you this active growth which you need in these turbulent times, the power to continue, the light within to face the shadows.

About the teacher

Gyanjot Jan Bonjer is a passionate teacher of Kundalini Yoga with an experience of more than 15 years teaching. He is also a meditation, pranayama and hatha yoga teacher.

He is trained as a Shamanic practitioner and teaches workshops Shamanism, sound currents, Yoga, meditation and more. His reason for teaching is the growth of his students, to see them cope better with daily life, to see them more thoughtful, more compassionate. To see the happy faces after each training session. 


Payment Options

1x WEEK Kundalini Yoga
Subscription will renew each month automatically unless canceled. Cancellation must be made minimum 1 month in advance. Minimum commitment is 3 months.

10 Class card Kundalini Yoga
Valid for 3 months.

Drop in class
Must be used within 1 month of purchase.

Tryout offer Kundalini Yoga.
3 classes in 3 weeks
• For students that have not joined Kundalini Yoga at AYR before only 
• Must be used within 1 month