Ashtanga Yoga Rotterdam


ashtanga yoga schedule

M       Mysore, enter class freely within first hour.
          All levels
LP      Led primary. Not beginner‘s friendly class
*        first Saturday of the month this class is Led                          intermediate
SP     Self practice, space is open for practice. No                         teacher is present 


• Mysore is personalized class done in a group setting.
Mysore class is for all levels. Especially suitable for beginners to start with.
• Purpose of Mysore is to teach in the most beneficial way for the student. Everyone needs to be thought individually. Together with the teacher you build a sustainable practice, tailored to your needs.

•  Our Mysore classes are 2h long. You can enter anytime during the first hour. Your class starts once you are ready. For beginners the first lesson will be about 1h long. With time the practice can become longer. On on average regular students practice about 90min.

Led Primary

•  Led Primary is traditional Sanskrit guided group class.
It is for students that have regular Mysore practice. If you are unsure if this class is appropriate for you please ask us. 
•  Purpose of Led Primary is to focus on breath (tempo and quality) and in understanding correct vinyasa.

Led Intermediate

•  Who is it for:
Everyone that took a minimum of 2 Mysore classes is most welcome to join.
•  The purpose of Led/ Intermediate:
Many of you are practicing this sequence and you should therefore also practice it in a Led format the same as Primary. That brings an accurate focus on breath (tempo and quality) and in understanding correct vinyasa.