Ashtanga Yoga Rotterdam


MARCH 2024

yoga workshop
ashtanga yoga workshop


Do you feel like something is holding you back and that you’re not moving forward? 
Are you interested in diving into your subconscious? 
Than this event is for you. 
We will use Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).
This is a type of hypnosis that brings you in a state of awareness. Much like meditation but deeper and faster. For the best result it’s recommended that you’re good in visualising.
QHHT brings patterns and other things that restrict you in your daily life to the surface. By becoming aware of them you can heal them. This can take time or it can happen instantly.
Our inner world is powerful but know you will not see or experience anything that you are not ready for. That is how this works.
AYR active subscriptions holders: €20,-


108 Surya Namaskar 

This event is a ceremony and a yoga practice.

A Yoga way to mark the end of year.

The practice consists of 108 repetition of Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutations A. Duration is about 45/50min. 

Everyone is invited to join. 
Everyone can do it.

You may join with moving or seated mediation or a combination of both.
No matter in what way you will join we will teach you how to participate on the day. 

To participate seated you will need a yoga mala or 108 peaces of beans.

We are looking forward in having you join us in this beautiful event.

Price €20,-
No extra cost for AYR subscriptions and class card.


yoga workshop

JULY 2023

Day: June 11
Time: 11.00-11.30
Price: Price 
– included in price of unlimited subscription
– 2 credits from 10 class card.
– Drop-in workshop card for €20,-